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Here you will find selected information about our current work:

Under the name International Environmental Weeks Southeast Asia, we are currently organizing several actions that will help ensure that the current international nature and environmental situation is improved in a timely and sustainable manner, especially in those countries that are currently considered the focus of current global environmental problems.
The aim is, among other things, that e.g. something like this will soon be a thing of the past.
The implementation of the corresponding actions takes place in cooperation with several other international project groups.
One focus here is on the realization of our projects AP-01, AP-02 and AP-06.
Further information is available upon request.
We hope that we will soon be able to collect the financial resources necessary to implement the actions.
We are grateful for any appropriate support.

Especially for the realization of our projects AP-01 and AP-02 we are urgently looking for any possible financial and personal support.
Further information, also on our other current projects, see e.g. here and see the entry under the date 21.01.2023.
Some preliminary impressions to the AP-01 project:

In view of the current global (plastic-) waste situation in the oceans, in rivers and on adjacent land areas, we submitted a complex project concept today – as part of an international project call from the government of the Federal Republic of Germany – the realization of which will inevitably lead to a timely, would lead to a sustainable improvement in this current situation.
All details see here:
Text of the cover letter (e-Mail) and the associated attachment
(currently only available in German language)

New research results have been published on the current (catastrophic) international natural and environmental situation – and on the consequences that will inevitably result for humanity from this situation if practical measures are not taken immediately that will promptly improve this current situation to lead.
We have included this updated information in the description of our project AP06.
We have also updated several details of the project description.
See here.

The French kayak adventurer, nature lover and conservationist Guillaume Bonastre asked us to refer to the article published on his website about the current international (plastic) waste situation.
We consider this article to be very successful – and are happy to comply with Guillaume’s request:

The descriptions for the A-Projects AP-01 and AP-02 have been updated.
The AP-06 project has been newly added.
All changes/supplements to the current A-Projects see here.

(Short version)
In view of current research results, which already identify the current international (plastic-) waste situation as “life-threatening”, we have submitted concrete proposals to the UN that are aimed at changing this current natural and environmental situation in the near future.
For details on the research results and the proposals submitted, see here.

(Short version)
We have temporarily suspended activities for the IAAPT.
Mr. Dr. Forrest does not respond to inquiries about the status of his project – nor does it respond to any other inquiries.
Reason unknown.
We think it’s not enough to just sit in front of a television camera and present your concept ideas – without then making it very clear that you are definitely interested in presenting these ideas with the necessary energy and to the necessary extent to implement practically.

We founded the IAAPT (International Alliance Against Plastic Trash).
The reason:
The australian businessman and philanthropist Dr. Andrew Forrest has a vision. He wants to change the serious current international plastic waste situation in a radical way – worldwide – with a simple method.
The way to this goal is essentially to raise the value of the plastic waste generated internationally – in order to make plastic waste economically more interesting for the processing industry.
He presents his entire concept in an easily understandable way in a TV interview, which is available under the following link:
We believe that this way from Mr. Dr. Forrest is very good, unique and practicable of eliminating the current serious international plastic waste problem – and have therefore decided to support this project of Mr. Dr. Forrest by creating the IAAPT.
Further information on request.

We founded the IAFPT (International Alliance Fight Plastic Trash).
As an ‘umbrella organization’, the IAFPT should be available to those project groups, organizations, etc. that are currently already actively implementing practical measures aimed at sustainable change in the current serious international plastic waste situation.
The main purpose of the IAFPT is to establish permanent contacts at the international level with those responsible in politics and business (or to further develop existing contacts) – to enable the members of the ‘umbrella organization’ to do their important work to improve the current To be able to further expand the international nature and environmental situation (in particular through financial and logistical support from politics and business).
Membership in the IAFPT is free and voluntary. Membership requires the application of the respective organization and the corresponding approval from the IAFPT.
Further information on request.

The preparations for the realization of our projects
– “My ideas for a better environment ” (see here)
– “Video clip – for a better environment ” (see here)
are completed.
We are looking for more supporters to help us finance these projects.

Our project “The Ocean – Water no (Plastic-) Trash” has started.
The object of the project is the (further) sensitize the population to questions of nature and environmental protection, in particular to the (plastic-) waste problem in bodies of water and on land areas close to bodies of water – in connection with beach cleanups.
Regional assignment:
Southeast Asia, starting in Thailand (as a pilot project)
The following impressions are from the 1st day.
(The text from the notice can be found here: in Englishin Thai)

We wrote to the Thai royal house, the Thai government and several individual Thai government agencies and asked for support in the implementation of pilot projects in Southeast Asia, starting in Thailand.

Our new Southeast Asia office has opened.
185/182 Ananda Lake View, Don Jom Tao Road, Thep Kasattri, Thalang, Phuket, 83110, Thailand
Phone: +66 99 3235000 (Mailbox)
Important NOTE:
Due to the current international corona situation, appointments in the office are only possible by prior arrangement.
Please send corresponding inquiries exclusively by e-mail to:
Thank you for your understanding.